speaks for itself

Once there was a Maine coon cat named Misu. Misu was very soft and fluffy.
Misu was so soft and fluffy that all day she delighted in just being so soft and fluffy. She would roll around just to feel how soft and fluffy she was. She purred all the time, and occasionally made little squeaks of delight -- just because, for Misu, happiness was just enjoying being Misu
Misu (link) From Brad McCormick
Buffy at 10 weeks liked my monitor to sit on and used to sleep next to the slab. Only a few days after coming to stay she was keyboard trained (not to run over the keyboard). I said 'NO' and mentioned I did not like it. I tapped her paw gently with my finger and she soon got the message. I never raised my voice with her (of course) and it shows being cross is not that useful in training.

Well raised cats can be most obliging.
Buffy monitoring progress From Jackie Mackay (ed)


"One day, while on vacation, mid-September, 1999, in Nova Scotia, I watched a kitten and a dog playing happily together for a long time.The dog would sniff the cat and push the cat around gently with its snout. The cat would lie on its back and gently paw at the dog's face. It was very sweet....A couple days (nights, actually...) later, I watched a [different] cat chasing a small white field mouse. Apparently the cat was not entirely determined to catch the mouse, since the mouse kept escaping the cat's grasp. This interaction took place near a poorly lighted street. Sometimes the mouse would go into the brush beside the road, and the cat would chase it there. Other times, however, the mouse would run into the road, where, of course, the cat would chase it also. I wondered if the mouse was on a kamikaze mission to entice the cat into the road where, focusing on the mouse, the cat would not see a car coming and would be run over and killed. ............."

Hi Brad - We don't think it's quite that complicated
though the mouse could have been protecting it's young
and diverting the cat from it's nest.
How about a theory that habitually well fed animals
take to sport and play
like some of us humans who never grow out of it. ?
I saw some amazing pics in National Geographic
of wild animals playing  (inc polar cub with snowball)
Come to think of it that's what kittens are famous for  (ED) 

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