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Buffy astride the arm chair
and Angel waits

Why are 'bred' cats more 'intelligent' than moggies?

This is a generalisation of course and we don't think it's strictly true.
As with humans, there is the old argument - which is more important? 'nature or nurture'? Nature hands down intelligence in genes and different breeds have different genes. However there is no doubt that cats are a really intelligent and successful species of animal right across the board and we believe that if you talk to your cat, nurture it as an intelligent animal then it is every bit as trainable as a dog.

This is within certain boundaries of course. We don't think just being good at tricks makes a cat intelligent - do we? However a cat can certainly perform if it wants to.  It is just making it want to that is the mystery in teaching a cat.

We want to hear from you about your cat and what makes it intelligent, in your veiw and experience, whether a breed or a moggie or even a ferral or wild cat we don't mind.

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