Why Kittens?

Because kittens inspire feelings - tender, gentle, giving and mellow. They make us laugh. They are so alive and vibrant. This collection of special kittens will lighten your day.

The Kittenish Galleries never fail to bring a smile with the wild cat and big cat kittens. We will feature your stories and pictures and the best ones go in the nest Kittenish Gallery.

Pass on some of your own observations and pictures to spread a little more happiness...


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Welcome to the kittenish blog

on Jul 24 in General tagged by


Here’s the blog. Please join in.  Celebrating kittens is what we do  – and this gallery is a collection that does just that. Call them kittens or cubs – no matter. When scientists started applying latin names to sound more proper they came up with ‘felis catus‘ for the domestic cat – having found that cats were connected to happiness.  (felid same root as felicity and felix which mean happy)  Yes felis catus makes us happy.


We really want to hear from others who get what it is about a kitten.  The feel good factor is one thing – to me they represent innocence as well as happiness (was I right there)and they survive.

They are incredible mothers and can make the most wonderous companions possible.

We will get hold of care tips and training ideas that will make it all the more fun.  Send us your kittens – we will take care of them. (OK cubs as well – kittenish 2)

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