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Urgent – Transform the Lions!

on Sep 01 in General tagged by

“Most were bred into their hellish captivity at Oradea Zoo. Soon the zoo will have no choice but to put them down”. India Times

The state owned and run zoo in Romania needs our serious attention. We can quickly turn the gaze of the world on Oradea and suggest some action to save 14 lions – including kittens.

Here are some ideas to put around. Tweet them but don’t bleat them. Then cheer yourself up with loking at the lions in the Kittenish Galleries. ( We referred to them as the Kitteries at one time).

Oradeans can catch rabbits and game to feed to the lions. They could organise collections from hotels and restaurants. They could go around door to door in the better areas as well as others to do a food collection and take it straight to the lions.  This may require some logistics.

All the things I am suggesting are strictly practical and there are many variations on all the themes. Take heart. I happen to know that they have some cool characters living around the locale. I have the pleasure of making contact through one who tweeted this and luckily I was following him too.

No grim details – the India Times has them all – and what an indictment on the name of Romania! I’m joining another fray instead – making amends. Already a zoo in Yorkshire is trying to raise £150,000 for their fares but why look to auntie Brittania just because she rules the waves?

Get to it I say. Since the audience is very international I expect some people who are due a holiday might book and go and volunteer for some mopping and cleaning. maybe someone can set up sale of zoo dung to someone with a farm who could mature it into a brand !ES! (‘Excellent Shit’) for the terraced house garden.

Zoo dung in clear polythene sacks promised as organic and special from the asses of the beautiful creatures in the Oradeans’ zoo. Who would not donate a premium price to have their gardens blessed with lion compost ? (keeps out the cats and foxes who have archtype memories of large cat creatures eating them)

Who will do a photo-reportage project of the transformation of the lions while they’re being fed the sausages from Herr Grandansplat and the best pickings from the local hotels? Who will record the team fun and spirit of the volunteers who come armed with bucket and spade?

Oradeans unite. Your example will inspire the Nigerians to make Lagos pretty and take vigilant pride in their ‘worst bits’. Who knows? the word Oradean will creep into our language as being

Oradeans: of ‘a people who forget about ‘they’ and pick up a broom to sweep their own front yards – starting with the zoo’. Originated 2009 in Oradea Romania.

one response.

What you are doing is fantastic, Jackie. The world needs more people like you – stepping up and becoming part of the solution.

May I suggest you get hold of Christophe Poizat at the International Network of Social Entrepeneurs? They are looking at special projects to fund.

I am sure if the people and locals are willing – then a way will be shown. Word intention.

All it takes is spreading the world.. I mean word 🙂
Lol. Be true to you – it enables your light to shine so very bright.

And your light is exactly what is needed. :0)

Be part of the solution – for every action you take – even if it is just to pass this website or message on to people you know – will lead to the people who can actually create the change that is needed.

It is YOU (reading this now) using your network of colleagues, family and friends to pass these messages on. It is you that makes the difference.

Aroha mai (love now).

Love and hugs,

Jacqui Olliver – nHarmony | Posted on Sep 1st, 2009
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